Rental Space Available for Lease


City View United Church, 6 Epworth Ave.   (Map)

Rental space available as of August 1, 2017. Ideal for organizations with a small staff and minimal public traffic. Could include religious organizations, certain charities, environmental groups, or types of services provided in community health and resource centres. Zoning: Minor Institutional – SubZone B (I1B). Tenant compatibility with zoning is necessary.

Note:  part of the space is an open office area (see diagram below).  Renters must, therefore, consider their compatibility with the United Church Centre offices sharing similar adjacent open space.

Annual Rental Rate:    $14.50 /sq.ft. of gross rentable area.   Includes: heat (gas); hydro; water; and cleaning by the church custodian.  Telecommunications are the responsibility of the renter.

Total rentable area of 1183 sq. ft. comprising a gross rentable area of approximately 1360 sq. ft.    Options to be considered for short or long term lease.

Special Features:  free parking; private access to building; free use of adjacent staff coffee nook;  free use of nearby smaller kitchen when not in use by hourly rentals.  Air conditioned, carpeted.  Of special note, nearby rental rooms on premises – ideal for special meetings, training sessions, conferences.

Interested tenants are asked to view space by appointment.

Contact:  Mary Lynne, Office Administrator, 
Phone:   613-224-1021, Email: