Rental Space

City View United Church has rental space available for special events or long-term rental. The facilities are attractive for meetings, luncheons, clubs, parties, showers, and other activities.

How To Rent?

What are the costs?

What is available?

Our Sunshine room and Terrace room are available for groups of up to 50.

Sunshine RoomSunshine Room


Terrace RoomTerrace Room


 Our Friendship Room is available for larger groups of up to 200.   This room has been the scene of meetings, dinners, youth activities, Kiwanis concerts, plays, and all sorts of entertainment.   A stage at one end, and an adjoining kitchen at the other make it particularly attractive for many events.
Friendship Room
Friendship room


 The Sanctuary is also available.   It will accommodate up to 350 people and has served well not just for Sunday services, but weddings, funerals, speakers, and concerts.Sanctuary

Church and room space will not be available for use after 4.00 PM on Saturdays.

How To Rent?

Please call the Church Secretary,Mary Lynne Harvey, during office hours.

Church Office Hours. . . M-F : 9 am-noon, plus Wednesday & Thursdays : 1-4 pm

She can be reached at 613-224-1021 or she can return your call during her next office hours.

The secretary will show potential renters the facilities when she is available to do so or arrange for an alternate person to do so from the Rental Management Team.

The renter will have a pre-use-inspection of the space, and see what bathrooms can be used. Any damage noted during the pre-use-inspection will be noted on the rental form and initialled by the renter and the secretary.

The Secretary or Rental Manager will be the liaison with the renters.  The Manager will:

– Open and close the Church premises and the designated room(s) for one-time renters.

The Secretary will maintain the rental schedule, designate rooms, and confirm dates & times as available.   She will complete the rental form, arrange for signing and accepting payment of fees and charges from the renter .

What are the Costs?

Charges will include the following:

1. The designated rooms (according to rental rates in the current schedule.)

2. Administration costs: this includes the work of the Rental Manager and secretary, janitorial time, supplies, etc.  These are included in the room costs.

3. The Sanctuary Sound System requires a specially trained operator.  This is a separate cost if required.

Note: a down payment of 50%confirms the rental. The full amount is to be paid 10 days in advance of the booking.  If cancelled with fewer than 10 days from the event remaining the down payment will not be refunded.