Get Involved …

Often people would like to become more involved in the life and work of their church but long-time members don’t necessarily reach out and ask them.   Here’s another way you can get started.

First, please realize that your most important contribution is your presence.   It reflects your support for the life and work at City View and it gives others the strength and support they need to carry on as well.

Below are examples of the common ways people contribute their time, their money and their efforts, but it doesn’t include everything.   There are many ways to serve. You may have some special way by which you feel you could contribute.   Please tell us.

At the bottom is a contact form you can complete.    Tell us what you would like to do. Mary Lynne, our office manager,  will receive your message and have the appropriate person get back to you at their first opportunity.

I would like to …

– speak with the minister – 
(Rev. Dr. Karen Boivin. Ph. 613-224-1021.  Email:

– join the church

– have my child baptized.

– learn more about confirmation.

– be married at City View

– hear about your marriage policy

– receive envelopes

– learn more about Pre-Authorized Remission (P.A.R. giving)

– learn more about bequests

– make a donation

– sing in the choir

– help out with catering for luncheons

– get involved with outreach activities

– work with young children

– work with older youth

– join a group (Men’s Club, UCW, Book Club, House Church)

– attend a Bible Study

– become part of the pastoral care team

– learn more about the availability of rental space.

other …

Thank you for thinking about how you might contribute a bit more to enrich the life of others and feel more satisfied yourself.   If the spirit doesn’t move you quite yet, however, you can always return at some later time and make contact with us then.  For immediate contact please phone Mary Lynne (613-224-1021) or submit the following form. [contact_form]