Congregation Worship and Education Committee

Congregation Worship and Education Committee 

This past year saw the introduction of our new City View Organizational structure in May 2016, combining several groups together, and allowing us to focus our energies in specific areas; with more alignment with our Mission and Vision statements. The former Worship Committee became the Worship & Education Committee, primarily combining Worship and Christian Development. I took over the chairperson-ship in May 2016. 

The Worship & Education Committee is still a learning progress for me. The primary focus of this committee is as follows: 

* †Coordinate Sunday worship services, including: service readiness, ushers, readers, sound, decorations, communion and special music;

* †Coordinate youth interaction, such as: Sunday school, youth group, nursery; and,

* †Coordinate other literature of spiritual learning.

Sunday Worship Services 

Over the 2016-year City View continued to have engaging Worship Services. As Rev. Trisha Elliott finished up her interim ministry, she suffered an unfortunate accident. Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson took over the Services in June while Trisha recovered. We were all very happy when Trisha was able to come back to complete her final Services with us. We were blessed to have both of them do an outstanding job in their ministries with us. 

As we said goodbye to Trisha and Christine, we said hello to Rev. Dr. Karen Boivin. We were fortunate that she was able to join us for the start of the Church Worship year, in September. Rev. Martin Carnahan offered his Ministry during the month of August, while we finalized Karen’s onboarding with us. 

Karen joined us late in August, and many people made themselves available to meet with her to help her transition into her new role at City View. Specifically, as the new Chair of the Worship & Education Committee I was able to spend time with her (along with Isabel Bender, who helped me learn this role better!). We gave background and guidance to Karen on Worship at City View. 

The primary ideas that we talked about were to respect the traditions and customs that the City View congregation has used for many years, while looking to inject areas of contemporary Worship practices. One Worship area that we agreed to enhance was to upgrade our overall audio and visual capabilities at City View. 

Worship Services over the year have occurred as in past years, including the Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and an early Easter Service; a Blue Christmas Service; the annual Choir Candlelight Service and two Services on Christmas Eve. We also had “goodbye” Services for Christine and Trisha over the summer; followed by a wonderful Covenanting Service for Karen in November, officially welcoming her to City View. Given the date of Christmas Day, City View offered a Christmas Day morning Service of singing to which a small number attended. 

We are continually blessed to have Jiri Hlavacek’s Musical Leadership and Bill Love’s leadership as President of the Sr. Choir. Heidi Li offered her musical ministry during Jiri’s time off in July and August. 

One highlight that occurred near the end of the year which I got to experience for the first time was the decorating of the Sanctuary for Christmas by a number of adults and a gaggle of kids. It was a lot of fun watching the kids put ornaments on the Christmas trees, organize lights, tinsel and garland; and finish the time with a pizza lunch! Thank you to those that helped get everything initially set up and – although this occurred in early 2017 – thank you to those that took down the decorations. 

Finally, a special thank you to all of you that work to keep the Worship Services running. There are many things that happen – and I’m still learning who some of you are that keep things moving. They do not go unnoticed. Thanks to the Ushers and Readers who volunteer on the sign-up sheet, which is working well. Thanks to Jim and Glenda Strong, and Heather Cummings for monitoring and coordinating these lists. Thanks to Glenn Hogaboam and Julia Zytveld for continuing to help prep Communion. Thanks to Phyllis Potts for bringing in flowers now and again so that the Sanctuary is always looking nice. Thanks to Jeannette Pole who helps organize special music. And we’re able to hear Karen at the back – a shout out of thanks to the Sound crew. 

Youth Interactions: Nursery, Sunday School, Youth Group; Camp Awesome 

City View is blessed to have the continued input from many people in support of our Youth. 

Our Nursery is coordinated by Eleanor Henderson. I thank her and the ongoing volunteers that sit in the nursery with our youngest congregation members. Over the course of the year the nursery sees 2 or 3 ongoing visitors each week, with some weeks spiking to over 5. 

Sunday School continues to be an integral part o fCity View. Many thanks to Christine Tibelius for coordinating the Sunday School. A small core group of teachers offers insight into The Bible and Jesus’ teachings through discussion, games, and crafts. In the first half of 2016, the Sunday School group finished up the Route 66 curriculum which focused on the Old Testament. Each week the group would study a different book (or books) of the Old Testament. In the fall of 2016, the group started into the New Testament books, with a focus on the Gospels for most of the fall. During Christmas Season the group raised money to send art supplies to Iqaluit again this year. One hundred and fifty gifts of art supplies, beads, lego, etc. were sent north (+$1400 in value) and given to children who came to the food bank with their families. This project is very much appreciated by the children, the food bank and other volunteers. Thanks to the congregation for their fantastic support, as well as the Institute on Governance, Mike Curry with First Air, and Mary Ellen Thomas of the Nunavut Research Institute, who all make this project a success. 

The Sunday School has seen an increase in numbers, with several new young faces attending. For the fall 2016 year and into 2017 we’ve seen average attendance grow to between 8 and 10 every week, with a high of 20+ late in 2016. We continue to look for support from the Congregation to be teachers or extra helping hands. 

The Youth Program unfortunately is without a Youth Leader. After several attempts, we were unable to permanently fill the Youth Leader’s position. As an alternative we have encouraged the City View Youth to help out in the Sunday School. 

Finally, we were blessed to have Jennifer Landry continue to lead our involvement with Camp Awesome. Camp Awesome is a week-long Christian day camp program sponsored by Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada. It was another successful Camp in 2016. There were over 30 children that attended, which was a bit lower than the year before. 

The theme for Camp Awesome 2016 was Superheroes of the bible. On the Monday the kids studied the story of Saul becoming Paul and how anyone can be a hero with God. Tuesday the kids learned that friendship is the best superpower by studying David and Jonathan. Wednesday the kids studied the story of Samson and how everyone falls but superheroes get up. On Thursday the story or Mary and Martha taught the kids that there is more than one way to be a superhero. On Friday the kids finished the week by learning that God will never lead them astray. They also studied the story of Deborah. During the week there was tons of singing and laughing. 

Other Literature and Spiritual Learning 

Karen has introduced some new thoughts on Spiritual Learning, including 10 core convictions – ten core principles and practices to present as central convictions about vital Christian worship; and the Bulls-eye book. There is also the ongoing Bible Study meeting that occurs weekly. Finally, we continue to be blessed with the Library in the Friendship room that has many books available for usage on a weekly basis, which Janice Hopkins oversees. 

In closing, as I continue to learn “what goes on”, I’d like to re-iterate my thanks to a number of people. Without you, Worship Service would not exist as it does. I extend my many thanks to: Jim and Glenda Strong for their work in helping to recruit and coordinate ushers; Heather Cummings who helps recruit readers; Glenn Hogaboam and Julia Zytveld for their continued efforts in preparing for and the after clean-up of communion activities; Craig Suitor, Jim Watchorn, James McGale, Patrick Mulholland, and Michael Mulholland who operate the sound board; Jeannette Pole who helps organize special music; Phyllis Potts for the ongoing floral arrangements; Christine Tibelius for Sunday School Coordination, Eleanor Henderson for her coordination of the Nursery; Jennifer Landry’s continued Sunday School help and Camp Awesome coordination; Janice Hopkins’ overseeing of the Library; and of course Mary Lynne’s ongoing administrative support with the bulletin, notices, and many other tasks! Without your continued inputs of time to the Worship & Education Committee, and of course the ongoing Spiritual Leadership of Karen, Jiri’s musical leadership and the Choir, we would not have the Worship and Education experiences we have today. 

The continued focus of this committee going into 2017, with all of our continued inputs, will be to help foster a positive Worship experience and offer means to learn God’s Word through various activities. 

Respectively Submitted,

Steven Bergman (chair)  

Worship & Education 

Chairperson         Steven Bergman

Usher Coordinator   Jim & Glenda Strong

Communion Coordinator  Glenn Hogaboam

Communion Elements Julia Zytveld

Reader Coordinator

Sound Operator Coordinator Craig Suitor

Sanctuary Decorations 

Special Music    Jeanette Pole

Sunday School Superintendent 

Nursery Co-Coordinator   Eleanor Henderson

Librarian    Janice Hopkins