Worship is the center of our life at CVUC. In worshiping God we nurture God’s spirit within each of us, celebrate God’s love for us and find peace and comfort to carry with us back into the world. It is enriched by the ministry of music provided by our senior and youth choirs and our Prayse group.

2014 Annual Report

2014 has seen major changes on the Worship front at City View. For the first half of the year our services were led by Rev Neil Wallace, our long time minister. As always, he was at the front of the Sanctuary guiding us through the services with prayer and praise; listening and meditation; liturgy and preaching. But throughout that time, we were all well aware that Neil was planning to retire from congregational ministry at the end of June. So this is the last time we will be expressing our heartfelt thanks to Neil for sharing his multitude of gifts with us in worship.

In July our Worship leader was Owen Clifton. He is our Youth Group leader and is studying at Carleton University. Everyone was very happy and impressed with Owen’s leadership. Thanks Owen.

And then the “new” Minister arrived – Rev Trisha Elliott who, along with leading worship and being our full time clergy person, will be a guiding force in our time of transition. We have all enjoyed getting to know Trish this fall and appreciate the fresh perspective and strong leadership that she brings to Sunday services and to our Worship Committee meetings. Trish has now been joined by Rev Dr. Christine Johnson who also takes a turn at leading our worship about once a month. We are grateful to both of them.

DSC04206Jiri Hlavacek is another member of our staff that is so important to our worship services. He is an organist extraordinaire and leads the choir and plays the piano too — what a busy guy. We all appreciate his talent and his generous leadership of music. And along with Jiri we often get more splendid music when Stanja plays duets with him. Many thanks to both Stanja and Jiri for their wonderful gift of music to us.

Choir 1

The choir is a very dedicated group of people who attend practices and turn up early on Sunday in order to lead us in singing and to grace us with their music too. Choir Candlelight Service in December was a particular delight and such a splendid way to start off our Christmas celebrations. Jeanette Pole is the Music liaison person between the committee and the choir. In that capacity she also chairs the Music committee.

Our other committee members too have their individual tasks. Robbie Horton spends a great deal of time patiently calling individuals to get volunteers to perform the ushering duties. She has added a number of names to our list of possible ushers. Julia Zytveld prepares the communion elements for us and Glenn Hogaboam organizes the communion servers. Heather Cumming is our Reader coordinator – arranging for people to read the scriptures each Sunday. Jill Bitz is our dedicated secretary and does a great job of producing our minutes. It is indeed a pleasure to work with all of these people and I am so thankful to each of them.

We are also blessed to have many other persons whose dedication enhances our Worship services. Craig Suitor, Jim Watchorn and James McGale take turns being our sound operator. They have spent extra time this year tweaking the sound system to help to improve audio challenges of having our new ministers. They are joined in the sound booth area by Larry Dobson who shoots video of the services and posts podcasts for download on the City View website — http://www.cityviewunited.org

For many years, Inez Causley and Pam Mitchell have beautified the Sanctuary with seasonal flowers and decorations. They are a very creative and talented pair. This Christmas the Sanctuary was especially beautiful. Many thanks to all these people who support our Worship here at City View.

One very sincere thank you must go to another of our dedicated staff. Mary Lynne Harvey — our Office Administrator — provides service bulletins for each and every one of our services — and that’s a lot of services! Thank you so much Mary Lynne.

We had a number of special worship services during the year. Neil led the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services leading up to Easter. Owen and the Youth Group launched an outreach initiative for Centre 507 at a service in February. In October we celebrated the arrival of our two new clergy with a joint Convenanting Service with Ottawa Presbytery. And then we wound up the year with two special services on Christmas Eve. Christine led the family service where a gaggle of the Angel Choir welcomed the new baby boy; and Trish officiated at the more formal Christmas Eve Communion Service in the evening. It was truly a night to remember.

So to all the persons mentioned — staff, committee members, support teams — and to all of you who volunteer to assist with the many jobs required to enhance our Worship Services, I wish to offer my heartfelt thanks for everything that you do to make this ministry a success.

Respectfully submitted, Isabel Bender, Chair of the Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee includes our following members:

Chairperson Isabel Bender
Secretary Jill Rae
Usher Coordinator Robbie Horton
Communion Coordinator Glenn Hogaboam
Communion Elements Julia Zytveld
Reader Coordinator Heather Cummings
Sound Operator Coordinator Craig Suitor
Sanctuary Decorations Pam Mitchell
Inez Causley
Special Music Jeanette Pole (*)
Ministers Neil Wallace