Community Care and Outreach Committee

Community Care and Outreach Committee 

Pastoral Care 

The Pastoral Care Team was guided by Rev. Dr. Christine Johnston until the end of June. In September we  welcomed Rev.Dr.KarenBoivin to guide our team.  Presently the team is visiting approximately 30 people. Some team members continue to take advantage of on-going continuing educational workshops 

We held the Blue Christmas/Memorial Serviceon Sunday afternoon, December 4 at 3:00PM. This service gave family members and friends the opportunity to reflect on the memories of their loved ones who have passed away. Karen reinforced the importance of this service in helping people process their grief. It also helps those people who find the Christmas period difficult and challenging. Karen’s service was very well received and was followed by light refreshments. 

The Prayer Chain continues to be effectively handled by Doris and Dorothy Latour. They also continue to link up volunteer drivers with church members who require a ride to church. We very much appreciate their efforts. 

Care notes continue to be available in the literature rack in the lower hall. 

The team enjoyed assisting in the delivery of the Friendship Baskets. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Joan Dobson for continuing to coordinate this very important and worthwhile project. 

Betty Renwick continues to send cards to people on the pastoral care list. Her thoughtfulness and efforts are very much appreciated by the recipients. 

We would liketo express our sincere thanks to Betty for this valuable ministry she provides. 

Our team members this year include Mindy Benoit, Karen Boivin, Rachel and Bill Boone, Ruth Ann Carney, Mary Lynne Harvey, Marilyn Jensen, Shirley Johnston, Mary Ann King, Marg Knight, Claire Knudson, Doris Latour, Dorothy Latour , Diana Reithman, Norma Wells and Joanne Lewis. I very much appreciate the team members’ hard work and dedication to this invaluable ministry and they are a joy to work with. We appreciate the guidance and support provided by Rev. Dr. Karen Boivin and we are very glad to welcome Karen and her family to City View United Church. 

Respectfully submitted, Joanne Lewis, Chairperson, Pastoral Care Team 

Mission & Outreach 

The mandate of this committee is to help City View United Church to be a sharing and caring community and to support the work of the United Church of Canada. 

This year we have continued to welcome the residents of the former Telci group homes – Laura, John and Yves. Once again this year they have enjoyed their special birthday celebration in June and Christmas party in December. Laura and John are now enjoying living more independently with the help of assistants, their group homes having been closed. Former resident Joseph Oombash is enjoying his new life in Sioux Lookout. We welcome anyone who would like to be more involved and help with them at church. 

The Eritrean family we are co-sponsoring will be arriving in mid-February. Their aunt is the other co-sponsor and is preparing to welcome her nephew and wife and four children. We will keep our congregation posted on the needs we can assist with in the coming months. 

Through monthly Local Outreach donations our congregation gave $4,436.35 to the Carlington Chaplaincy, Caldwell Family Centre, West End Breakfast and Lunch Program, Centre 507and Algonquin Campus Ministry. 

Once again your purchase of grocery gift cards raised $1,321.75 for the Carlington Chaplaincy. Metro total sales were $4,500.00 with profit of $180.00 and Loblaws total sales were $22,815.00 with profit of $1,141.75. 

Your donations of cookies, muffins etc. to the Algonquin College Chaplaincy were much appreciated by the students at exam time. 

The Christmas Hamper Project and Caring Baskets are a highlight in the life of our congregation. We appreciate the dedication of the committee which gives us this happy opportunity to share at this time of year. 

The M&O committee continues to fund the purchase of Fair Trade Coffee served each Sunday. Your coffee hour donation to the Healing Fund (can) raised $150.00 for programs to help alleviate the sad results of the Residential Schools on our First Nations People. 

Through the Mission and Service Fund our congregation has once again raised $57,863.00, generously supporting the work of the United Church in Canada and through our partners around the world. Thank you. 

Anyone who would like to be part of outreach at City View United would be welcome on this committee. We would also welcome your suggestions and ideas. 

Respectfully submitted by the M&O Committee Karen Boivin, Dawn Hamilton, Marg Knight, Lambert Okrah, Frank Pole, Sheila Smith 

Hamper Sub-committee Report, 2016 Project 

The hamper Committee this year included Chair: Robert Pegrum and members Fern and David McGale, Ron Horton, Mindy Benoit, Barb Williams, Michele and Craig Suitor, Lloyd Seaman and Joan Dobson. 

Families were referred by Caldwell Family Centre, Debra Dynes Family House, and Century, Meadowlands, Sir Winston Churchill and Sir Guy Carleton Schools, and Marg Knight. 

Food was collected by Century, Sir Winston Churchill and Meadowlands Schools. The food drive was so successful that extra food was sent to Debra Dynes, Caldwell, and the Food Bank. 

Kiwanis again kindly supplied some drivers to help with the deliveries. 

72 Hampers were prepared. These each contain a full Christmas Dinner and extra canned goods and staples, a gift for all of the family, gloves or mittens for all the family, and a box of chocolate. 

Another 50 families received $50 in food vouchers. A further 20 families received a $25 food voucher. All families were vetted by Caring and Sharing to avoid duplication. $500 will be sent to Caring and Sharing to help with families that were not assigned sponsors. 

39 Friendship baskets were delivered and well received. A further 8 people received cookies only. 

The Committee will express on your behalf our thanks to the local schools and the business community for their long standing interest and commitment; we could not do it without them. We wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2017 and look forward to a repeat success next Christmas. 

Respectfully submitted, Joan Dobson for Robert Pegrum 

United Church Women 

The United Church Women completed another successful year of Christian Fellowship and service. 

We were saddened by the loss of so many of our good and faithful women. JudithFulton,though she had moved away to Ames, Iowa, had guided the Naomi Unit for many years; Anne Brown, who opened her home for their meetings and Evelyn Faulkner. 

For the Miriam Unit: Florence Dubois (adherent) and Ruth Leggett. Ruth was also responsible for organizing the Phoebe Unit in early 1980, for which we will always be very grateful. 

For the Dorcas Unit, we remember Agnes Paterson, formerly a member of CVUC. 

We also remember Alice Paulhus, Gladys Mulligan (Adherent), Doryse Hopkins, Verna Dennis and Dana Petrie, who started and stocked our popular CVUC library in the Friendship Room. We remember you Dana, each time we take a book out to read. 

Of the four units, Miriam and Phoebe units remain. The Miriam unit rely on internal funding for outreach and local commitments. The Phoebe unit, along with help from the “Grannies” of the Stephen Lewis Foundation,organizeda successful Bridge/Luncheon. 

Thanks to the ladies of the congregation for their continued interest in their organization and the life of City View United Church. 

Jean Baenziger UCW President 

Men’s Club 

The Men’s Club completed another successful year. 

The members of the 2016 Executive are President – Art Oulton, Programs – Ken Mitchell, Treasurer – Ev Zytveld, Membership – Bill Love. 

The Programs speakers for the 2016 year with meal and attendance numbers: 

January: Rev Whit Strong – spoke on Ministers Stress and the ways that can be considered to reduce it. The meal was Pot Luck and the team included Charles Knight, Stan Parkhouse, Dave McGale. Attendance: 28 plus 9 after dinner guests 

March: Rev Teresa Burnett-Cole – failed to arrive. Her topic was to have been First Nation Education Today. The meal was a chicken dinner prepared by Grant Johnston and his team. Attendance 26 

May: Ladies Night was Jazz History Night with Trisha Elliott and Bill Love. Meal was pizza and salad. Attendance 65 

September: Marie-Soliel – Ottawa 2017 Committee spoke on some of the Ottawa events planned for Canada’s 150 year celebrations. Meal was a barbecue with Carl Kritsch as co-ordinator and Wayne Mitchell as barbecue manager. Attendance 24. The Executive was disappointed in the numbers in attendance. 

November [Remembrance meeting]: Bill Love spoke on the Royal Canadian Navy – problems faced in WW 2 and comparison with today’s Royal Canadian Navy. Charles Knight read Flanders Fields and David Oulton played the Last Post. Meal was spaghetti and salad prepared by Bob Scott with help from Lloyd Seaman and Ken Mitchell. Attendance 35 

The Club continued to be involved in the Snow Flake Bazaar – with Glenn Hogaboam once again coordinating the restaurant. Other fund raisers were Poinsettia sales – Lloyd Seaman coordinator, Maple Syrup sales jointly coordinated by Dave McGale and Ken Mitchell. The Club sponsored 3 children in their attendance at the Summer Camp Awesome event. 

The Financial statement shows details of donations, expenses and receipts. 

The president Art Oulton has retired in 2016 due to health reasons. Three members were contacted for their interest as serving as President. The responses were negative. At the November meeting it was stressed the Club would not be able to continue after the May 2017 meeting unless a President and Catering Coordinator positions could be filled. It was suggested the Club may want to consider meeting monthly as a Breakfast Club, or a Lunch Club or possibly changing to a SENIORS CLUB with a daytime meeting. These options will be considered in 2017. 

Respectively Submitted Art Oulton – President