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Comments from the Chairperson of Council – 2014

2014 was not just another busy year in the life of City View United Church, but the beginning of a period of significant transition. Neil Wallace’s retirement in June after 16 years of successful ministry at City View was the end of an era. His farewell dinner on June 21 was a celebration of his time with us as well a time for sad good- byes. Many thanks to all those who put together that wonderful evening.

Given the changes happening in our congregation and community, City View decided that it was a good time to set up a Transition Team and seek out an Interim Minister to lead the congregation through a two-year period of reflection on the future of our church. We were very fortunate to be able to welcome Trisha Elliott, who is well- experienced in Interim Ministry, to our congregation starting in August. Trisha and the Transition Team began working with the congregation during the November services to define our mission and values.

We were also fortunate to be able to recruit Christine Johnson as a part-time Pastoral Care Minister starting this past September. Christine has integrated well with the congregation and the Pastoral Care Team in particular to provide visits to those in need. She also shared her artistic talents through leadership of a journaling class and the Christmas Pageant. Trisha and Christine were officially welcomed to our Church during the Covenanting Service held on October 19. Besides thanking our ministers for their motivational leadership of our worship services, house churches and bible studies, we are indebted again to Jiri Hlavacek for another year of inspiring music as our music director.

The children in the congregation have again benefitted from the dedication and creativity of our Sunday School leadership and teachers. Our thanks to them as well as Owen Clifton as leader of the Youth Group and for leading worship services in July.

All of our successes as a congregation are only possible because of the support of our non-clerical staff including Mary-Lynne Harvey for her tireless and cheerful work in the Office, Lan Ngheim for keeping the church clean and tidy, and Veronica Moore for keeping the financial books in order. Thanks to all of you. I would also thank the members of the Ministry and Personnel Committee, the Property Committee and the Finance Committee who are essential to the ongoing operations of the church.

City View’s dedication to mission and outreach is one of its strengths. The Carlington Chaplaincy, the West-End Breakfast and Lunch Program, and Centre 507, are just some of the local organizations and activities we support through givings, voucher sales or volunteering. In addition, the Sunday School again spearheaded a drive to provide art supplies to children in Iqualuit, our annual Christmas Hamper and voucher program was a big success and we again hosted Camp Awesome. We again exceeded our target for contributions to the Mission and Service Fund to support the national and international work of the Church. Thanks to the Mission and Outreach Committee for their leadership in this area and all the others involved.

Thanks to Monique Horne and her team who led the updating of our church directory and to Kim Benjamin and her committee for the Snowflake Bazaar which was again a huge success. We had many special events this year organized by the Congregational Relations Committee including the Easter breakfast, the June picnic, the kick-off Sunday and Halloween party. Many thanks to the Committee for helping bring the congregation together.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to all of our congregation’s achievements in 2014, which are too numerous to mention in the page I have here. You can find out more by reading the rest of the annual report. I look forward to leading Council through 2015 as we discuss our future through this time of transition.

Respectfully submitted, Karl Tibelius, Chairperson, CVUC Council


Chairperson  Karl Tibelius

Vice chairperson   Craig Suitor

Secretary  David Carney

Treasurer      Bruce Petrie

Our Committees and Chairs include the following:

Christian Development   Steven Bergman

Congregational Relations   Anne Mulholland, Michele Suitor

Congregational Relations – BAZAAR Committee … Kim Benjamin

Finance and Administration  Art Oulton


Ministry and Personnel  Harry Bender

Mission and Outreach    Lambert Okrah

Mission and Outreach – HAMPER Committee  Bob Pegrum

Nominating  Craig Suitor

Pastoral Care   Joanne Lewis,  Mindy Benoit

Property     Chris Fleming

Worship   Isabel Bender

Board of Trustees   Cairine Thomas & Heather Cummings