Mission & Outreach

Mission and Outreach

Through mission and outreach we seek to raise our congregation’s level of consciousness concerning Christian social issues and the environment.  We actively support the United Church’s national program, and we participate in a number of community outreach programs, including the Carlington Community Chaplaincy and a large breakfast and lunch program for children and adults.

2014 Annual Report 

In 2014 the Mission and Outreach Committee again organized pizza video nights on diverse topics intended to bring current issues alive for the congregation. On March 16, Lena McFarlane and Glennie-Ruth Allumgraves of Carty House spoke about the work of this organization in supporting refugees here in Ottawa as they try to build a new life in Canada. On April 27, Barry Finlay joined us to give a presentation entitled “Keep On Climbing” about his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro with his son and his efforts to bring clean water and education to a community in Tanzania through Plan Canada. The experience of discovering the satisfaction of reaching a goal and giving others the opportunity to achieve theirs, led to Barry and his son Chris writing a book “Kilimanjaro and Beyond”. Later in the year on 23rd November, Professor Lenore Fahrig, Professor of Biology at Carleton University, made a presentation on climate change and the need to divest from fossil fuel financing. All pizza video nights dealt with important topics relevant to the work of the church and society generating lively discussions afterwards. Participation in the pizza video nights was encouraging.

The Committee continued to take the lead in welcoming our friends from the former TELCI residences to our church every Sunday. The Committee also organized the two annual parties— one in June to celebrate their birthdays and one at Christmas time, where the congregation was able to wish the former TELCI residents a Merry Christmas. Although the TELCI Corporation formally wound down in 2014, the residences continue in operation, albeit under the management of two new organizations rather than TELCI, and although the former staff were replaced, most of the residents have remained in place.

Again Charles and Margaret Knight sold grocery gift cards after church each week in support of Carlington Chaplaincy. This year they sold $24,415.00 of Loblaw’s/Independent gift cards, earning $1220.75 for the Chaplaincy. The sales of Metro/Food Basics gift cards amounted to $8,100.00 earning $324.00 for the Chaplaincy. In total $1,544.75 was donated to the Chaplaincy by City View United Church through gift card sales.

Joan Smith continued to provide weekly assistance to women at the Debra Dynes Community Centre, teaching them how to sew using materials and machines that have been donated from a variety of sources, including the M&O Committee.

City View, through the M&O Committee, also supports the West-End Breakfast and Lunch Programs, along with several other churches. Through the work of volunteers such as Margaret Knight, in the order of 10,000 breakfasts are served to needy children and 7,000 lunches to adults each year.

The M&O Committee also continued to support the purchase of fairly traded products, which promotes paying producers a fair price, healthier working conditions and stronger communities, by purchasing fairly traded coffee for coffee hour each Sunday and making available for sale a variety of fairly traded products.

The congregation donated a total of $9,887.70 to Local Outreach (Carlington Chaplaincy, Caldwell Family Centre, Centre 507, West End Breakfast and Lunch Programs, Debra Dynes Family Center, St. Basils Food Bank and Caring and Sharing) through the regular envelopes and PAR, and the surplus from the Hamper Program, and The Healing Fund during coffee hours generated $200.00.

City View’s Mission & Service (M&S) Fund goal for 2014 was $61,000 and by December 31, 2014 the contributions to the M&S Fund totaled $63,553.09. On behalf of the M&O Committee I would like to thank the congregation for willingly sharing your blessings with others in such an overwhelming way around the world. You have made a difference in the world in 2014: God loves you.

Lambert Okrah, Chairperson, Mission & Outreach Committee

Committee, 2014 – 2015

Chairperson:  Lambert Okrah.   Members:  Ruth Anne Carney, Frank Pole, Dawn Hamilton, Sheila Smith, Marg Knight, Trisha Elliott.

2013 Christmas Hamper Sub-committee Report


74 families received a CVUC food hamper at Christmas 2013. A further 28 families from the Debra Dynes or Caldwell City subsidized housing areas were supported with $25 Metro/Basics food vouchers (the number of vouchers per family was scaled to the number of family members). Caring & Sharing (C & S) provides us with a duplicate checking service of the referrals received. This year we had 9 duplication “hits” 2 days before hamper delivery day! This caused a lot of extra effort for the Committee and is most unfortunate. For several years we have annually donated $500 to C & S when it has become apparent that we are financially able to do so.

The 3 local Public Schools again conducted non-perishable food drives in December. Certain items exceededourneedsandwewereabletosendthesurplustotheFoodBank! Arewardintheform of some lunchtime Pizza was donated to certain staff selected students for their outstanding efforts on our behalf.

This year we filled and delivered 39 friendship baskets. The Committee thanks everyone for their donations of items for the baskets, for the cookies and for the basket deliveries. The baskets were well received and much appreciated.

Substantial financial help again came from outside the Congregation as is apparent from the financial results. The Union Local at CJOH-TV, the Nepean Kiwanis Club, and the Ottawa Rotary club all made large donations. Kiwanis Club members supplied their help with food hamper delivery. We were blessed on delivery day with a window of opportunity free from freezing rain between about 9 AM and noon.

Hampers baskets



Robert Pegrum Chairman, CVUC Christmas Hamper Project