Communications and Events

  Communications and Events Committee 


With the introduction of the new committee structure for this year, this report represents the first for the new Communications and Events Committee. The objective of this committee is to: first, meet the needs of the church, and maintain a strong focus on helping with the communications and promotion of all activities and events throughout the church; and second, to align with our mission and vision statements, to also focus on our efforts to be a welcoming church and a church which also reaches out to help and support the needs of our community. 

Karen, more specifically, is now taking the goals for our church as set out by the Transition Team and setting up a ‘Next Steps’ team, to look at expanding our faith in God, supporting those in need, and strengthening community relationships. 

Since this new committee became more active in the Fall of 2016 the following can be reported. 

Frequent planning sessions with Rev. Karen Boivin, Mary Lynne Harvey (office administrator) and Larry Dobson (Chair of Communications and Events Committee). 

Communications from Council. Council meetings bring about changes on an ongoing basis.  These are now being reported each month in the weekly email announcements (E-Announcements) usually under the title, Council Notes. These emails go out to 152 people. 

Our Website continues to keep people current with weekly news in our church as well as in our community. 

— It now links directly with our Facebook page.
— It also provides links directly to the Church at large (United Church of Canada, Presbytery, Montreal Conference, the UC Observer, etc.)
— It now provides people with the opportunity to donate on-line through ‘Canada Helps’ with a ‘Donate NOW’ button on the front page of the site.
— Podcasting of Karen’s sermons each week continues.
— Photos of recent events keep people aware of our church work even if they haven’t been part of the activity. 

OurFacebook page has become more active. All members of the church can post and comment. Posts have been made on our members activities, such as their personal activities and photos; our own church events, such as ourBazaar; activities elsewhere inCanada, such as Vancouver’s First United Church project; and world concerns such as violence against women, among other things. 

Promotions for events
— New special signs have been made with the help of Janet Hrnchiar, publicizing our Christmas Eve services. 

In  all, seven signs were made this year and put out at nearby corners in our community by Ray Boucher. Attendance at both Christmas Eve services was slightly up over last year. 

— More effort has gone into publicizing events such as the Snowflake Bazaar and the Hamper Project, the Phoebe’s Bridge Day, and the Men’s Club Speaker’s Event featuring Rev. Anthony Bailey. 

Our Community Outreach
— As our new year begins our long-awaited family from Eritrea is arriving as of Feb 16th. Ongoing communications with our members keeps us aware of this family’s needs and how we can help. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Larry Dobson, Chair

Bazaar Committee Report

Bazaar 2012 1

CVUC Snowflake Bazaar and Craft Fair

This Year’s event was held on November 19, 2016. Many people contributed to this venture through the generous donation of items (home baking, knitting, jewelry, crafts, books, toys, collectibles, etc.) and their time (setting up and taking down, men’s club restaurant, floor plans, decorating, creating items to sell, obtaining donations for silent auction, leading and helping at tables, providing security, greeting and providing assistance to attendees, operating theelevator,etc.). The committee  members also generously contributed of their time and talent to help make this event a success. This year, several people provided additional help for the planning and implementation of the event and helped to make it a success. The financial total as of December 31 was $12,280 which is slightly increased from the 2015 event. Many thanks to everyone for their support for this very worthwhile and community-building event! 

The tentative date for next year’s event is November 18, 2017. 

Please mark it on your calendar so that we can make next year’s event even better! 

If you have any questions, feel free to forward them to Kim Benjamin (613-727-6320 or 

Respectfully submitted, 

Kim Benjamin, Bazaar Coordinator