2017 Christmas Hamper Project

2017 Christmas Hamper Project

We have posted in the Friendship Room additional families for your adoption.  Families are going fast and if you have not chosen one already we need you to select one without delay.  Buy gifts for the children therein aged 17 and younger.   Gifts for adults are at your discretion, if you would like to purchase some please feel free to do so.  If you make a mistake in family selection or have second thoughts, return the cutout bell to the board so that we do not assume the family has been taken.  Limit the value of each gift to approximately $25.  We do not want this expenditure to be financially burdensome, in some cases there could be some very large families.  Of course, you can share the task with another member of the Congregation and make it a whole lot easier.  Barb Williams has all sorts of suggestions for suitable gifts if you are lost for ideas.

Adjacent to the families still awaiting adoption are “Sign-up Sheets” looking for volunteers to: Collect and Sort Food from 3 local schools, to Deliver Hampers, and to Deliver Friendship Baskets to some members of our own Congregation.  The dates for these tasks appear in the attached schedule.  We badly need your help with this work.  You have been of invaluable assistance with other hamper projects during the past many years, a fact that we are all justifiably proud of.

What can I donate for the Friendship baskets? 

Individually (commercially) wrapped crackers, hard candy, hot chocolate, tea, vanilla and/or butterscotch puddings, fruit cups, small jars of jam/jellies/marmalade.  Homemade cookies are welcome.  Keep Joan Dobson (613-224-0336) informed of your intention to donate items.

This annual project is only successful because of support from our congregation, local schools and businesses.  The Committee needs your help, please participate.

Any questions or offers to help?  Call Joan Dobson 613-224-0336, Robert Pegrum (613-224-4870) or speak to any other member of the Hamper Committee:

Fern McGale, Ron Horton, Barb Williams, Michelle Suitor, Lloyd Seaman  

Note:   You may also donate here by way of our City View “Canada Helps!” page.